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1. Should I go with a 5" or 6" gutter?

We have to look at the size of your roof as well as pitch of the roof.

2. What makes the gutters so unique?

The half round copper gutter system is very strong, durable and beautiful in design. It is the most economical roof drainage systems.

3. Are they easy to install?

With perfectly fitting pieces, the gutter system is easy to install. The seamless construction of the corner pieces allow for a quicker installation with less soldering.

4. Does the copper change color?

Over time copper turns into different shades and color when exposed to oxygen. Copper will turn from a shiny new look to dark brown.

5. How can I prevent the discoloring?

There are products to control the appearance of the copper to protect the original finish and prevents brown color.

6. Is your gutter system available in Zinc?

Please, contact us to get more information.

7. Are the gutters "winter proof"?

In Europe, even in snow regions, every house has a gutter system. When our Gutter system is properly installed, the snow or ice will just slide over the gutters. 

8. What is the maintenance of the gutter system? 

Check your wire strainer and clean it from debris or leaves to prevent clogging.

9. When should the gutters be installed? 

Ideally the gutters should be installed before the roof goes on as they do it in Europe.
However, the gutters can be installed to an existing building. 

10. Are gutters Winter proof? 

Yes they are.  


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